In my second term

  • Advocate for much-needed high school construction, especially in the high growth area of Southeast Edmonton, where space pressures are most immediate

  • Support development of an updated Indigenous education policy and multiculturalism policy that reflect community needs, are sensitive to the experiences of Indigenous people and of minority communities, and are developed in collaboration with the people most affected by those policies

  • Balance the needs of booming new communities with the aging infrastructure challenges of mature neighbourhoods

  • Support and advocate for inclusion that works, ensuring that every child has the supports they need to reach their full potential

  • Continue to invest in EPSB’s equity fund, which ensures that schools don’t have to go into debt to hire an additional EA or bring in a mental health support worker

  • Expand mental health supports for kids

  • Work toward an expanded school nutrition program, including supports for children in need who attend a school that does not currently have a whole-school program

  • Continue working with the Punjabi community to explore options to create a Punjabi language and culture alternative program in Edmonton Public Schools